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Let’s Play: Jumbleberry Fields


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  1. MACS1 says:

    I am bored with getting pie and juice. I too would like to see other prizes. I’ve never won anything for feeding my pet moonberries. Also, it’s a bummer to waste my pickleberries on pie. I stopped feeding my pets both types of berries. Please give out prizes like the moonberry pond. That would be too cool!

  2. Teddy5 says:

    one time, about 4 years ago, I had fed a pet a moonberry! Imagine my shock and DELIGHT to see a Moonberry Pond appear on the screen as a prize!!!! I know it was probably a mistake, but it has been the centerpiece of my garden ever since then!!!! I sure wish they could give out an occasional prize instead of pie. Thanz for listening Ganz!

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