Big Top Elephant Contest Winners

Congratulations to Brianna, Michelle, Emily, Christina and Gillian. They’ve each been sent a Secret Code for an eStore exclusive Big Top Elephant!

We wanted to see your drawings of the Big Top Elephant performing. Check below to see the winning entries!







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  1. gillian says:


  2. gillianstar9 says:

    No, no, don’t give up! There are many other chances to win! Just to say, I never thought I would win. In fact, I barely win anything, and looky here! I was one of the five winners! So don’t give up. Ever. Just keep trying, you’ll make it someday! And keep your creativity sparking, everyone!

  3. :'( says:

    Oh, I lost. :( mine was so cool, I wish I won, for once. I give up on all of these contests. :(

    • sweetsweet2010 says:

      Yeah me too! I entered and I was SURE I was going to win! Well, the ones that won were SO better than mine. Well, it is what it is.
      Peace, Love, Happiness,

  4. gillianstar9 says:

    Yahoo! Awesome pictures guys! Maybe if you can tell from my username above, I was one of the winners, but I’m not bragging! I bet everyone elses pictures were great, but remember, for those who feel bad, there are about millions of people who entered this contest. the chances of winning is very slim. So don’t feel bad, there is always another chance to enter a contest, so enter another one and don’t give up!

    -A message from gillianstar9 and All-Star the BigTop Elephant

  5. Info Kid says:

    Which one were you? I personally liked Emily’s the best. So cute, Emily!

  6. Michelle says:

    OH MY !!!!! I WON !!! Yay ! Thanks alot Ganz :D

  7. sarahandlacey says:

    They are so cute! :lol:

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