Booger’s Space Camp Email

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  1. 2929mott says:

    people who get upset about Boogers name, It’s just a name, and, besides, he wasn’t the one who chose it…his parents did.
    And I agree with you, Gingersnap…I really want to see Booger’s robot!
    Love from Stardust

  2. Webkinz User says:

    booger has a gross name!!! they really should not call him that

  3. Gringersnap says:

    Booger, don’t be sad!! You can go next year and have fun again. I really want to see your robot!!!

  4. lilspring says:

    Booger you can have a space camp at home and invite your friends and teach them what you learned and how to make robots too. So don’t feel sad just share what you learned. :)

  5. SolarSpeed says:

    You should not have made the changes! Your robot is going to destroy your room!

  6. Rockstarz says:

    poor Booger! how come no one else has posted?

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