Calling All Aquarians!

Were you born under the sign of Aquarius? Then don’t miss the Aquarius Symbol Wall Decoration floaty clicky, on from noon January 20 until January 27! When you find the floating Aquarius Symbol Wall Decoration, click on it to get an Aquarius Symbol Wall Decoration for your Webkinz pet’s room in Webkinz World!

Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.

9 Responses to Calling All Aquarians!

  1. browniebragg555 says:

    I hope they do a Libra!

  2. EyesInTheDark says:

    They better do an Aries one because that’s mine

  3. isabell says:

    Yay! I have ALL of them so far and this is my fave because I love water! It’ll be great in my collection Thx ganz! lindzy7

  4. shalta321 says:

    Cool…my sign too :)

  5. magikpup1 says:

    Sweet my sign yo, u see me in da clubhouse, i got love puppy psi, estore points pretty much anything

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