Celebrate the Harvest!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Celebrate the season with some tasty food, and some fun decorations to celebrate the harvest! Chef Gazpacho will be giving out random prizes from now until November 22, and then Chef Daisy Doe will give away prizes from November 23 until November 30! Head over to the Events page and enter the Thanksgiving Feast Peek-A-Newz Challenge.

Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.

35 Responses to Celebrate the Harvest!

  1. dune456 says:

    I love the yellow tree because you can put it inside rooms unlike the other beautiful trees. I love the prizes and all the contests Ganz and Webkinz offer us. Like the song I love Everything Webkinz!!!

  2. BH1464 says:

    Are we supposed to know who Chef Sofia Souffle is? What does she look like? If Daisy Doe is giving out the prizes, why are we looking for Chef Sofia Souffle?

    • Fracktail says:

      Chef Souffle was a grey Yorkshire terrier who appeared in a couple of Webkinz stories. She used to be the rival of Chef Gazpacho, but then they partnered up to make food, because food is always better than no food. When I saw her name I got all excited because WHAT DID SOUFFLE COME BACK??? But then I found Daisy Doe peeking out of the side of my screen and I was like WHY DAISY DOE WHY MUST YOU PEEK OUT OF THE SIDE OF MY SCREEN. So, to answer your question, either it was a typo or GANZ is just messin’ with my nostalgia goggles. (Probably the former.)

      • BH1464 says:

        Thanks for letting me know :)

        • TaffyKitty12 says:

          LOL! Fracktail, I thought it was funny when you said “Why Daisy, why must you peek out of the side of my screen”! I can’t stop laughing! Also, thanks for explaining who Chef Sofia was. I don’t think I heard of her before, but she sounds a bit better than Daisy. Hopefully Chef Sofia will come back and team up with Chef Gazpacho so they can make more recipes and tell Daisy to NOT take them away! Why Daisy, why must you peek at me while I’m trying to read articles? Are you trying to see if I comment about you, Daisy? Are you upset that I’m not giving you a vote, Daisy? Why Daisy must you peek at me? I need privacy, you know! LOL! ;)

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