Chef Gazpacho’s Most Fantastical Thanksgiving

Congratulations to Gen, Selena, Alex, Grace and Kaylee! They’ve each been awarded a Chef Gazpacho prize pack. We wanted to hear about your most fantastical Thanksgiving. Read the winning entries below:

The best Thanksgiving I ever had was two years ago when my American Golden, named Princess, and I went to Plumpy’s home to have our feast. Here’s how it all started. It was 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, me and Princess were at home and we were thinking of what we could do for Thanksgiving. We decided to turn to Plumpy’s Advice Column in the Kinzville Times. We wrote “Dear Plumpy, We need help. We’re trying to figure out what we can do for Thanksgiving. We already know we want to have a feast, but we don’t know where to have it! Please help! – Two Turkeys”. We were amazed when we found out the next week that Plumpy chose our letter for the Kinzville Times! She wrote “Dear TT, I’m having a do too! How about you come over my house for Thanksgiving? All you need to do is bring the green-bean casserole! See you there! – Plumpy”. We were so glad! Dinner at Plumpy’s house! We went that Thanksgiving and we’ve been going ever since. That’s the best Thanksgiving me and my pet have ever had! The End. -Gen

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving and Chef Gazpacho was at Adventure Park thinking about the next day. “What should I cook for Thanksgiving?” he thought. His mother was coming from Rome, Italy this Thanksgiving. Now, Chef Gazpacho’s mother wasn’t JUST a cook, she was a pig-tastic cook! Chef Gazpacho was very nervous because he had never cooked for his mother before. Just then Plumpy came over and sat beside him on the bench. “You look worried, Chef. What’s wrong?” said Plumpy. So Chef Gazpacho explained his situation to her. “That IS a problem! Don’t worry, I think I know what you should cook!” she said excitedly, “Stubbly Grass Nibbles!” Chef Gazpacho sighed, “No, that’s hippo food, although I AM thankful for your help.” “That’s very nice, Chef!” exclaimed Plumpy. “That’s IT!” yelled Chef Gazpacho, “I can make my Harvest Time Porridge! I just have to put in the secret ingredient you just gave me!” So the Chef got to work and it turned out great! His mom loved it because of the secret ingredient: his THANKS -Selena

Thanksgiving is here and all the Gazpacho clan came to the Chef’s mountain cabin to enjoy the holiday. Chef Gazpacho fired up the oven, the stove and the fireplace and started the holiday cooking. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED??? Well, all that heat inside the cabin melted all the snow on the rooftop and ran down and froze the cabin into a huge ice block. No one could get out of the cabin. “Mama Mia, We are all stuck here and can’t get out. Oh well, we have lots of food, family and games to play all day. Maybe with a very, very, very sunny day the ice will melt and if not we are all ready for Christmas which is just around the corner. Mama would be so proud.” said Chef Gazapacho with his usual hearty laugh. -Alex

This is the story of one crazy Thanksgiving. I was helping my mom prepare the turkey when I tripped while holding it. “Oh no!” I yelled as a tumbled to the ground. But before I could land, I suddenly felt the turkey land on a hard surface. Looking up, I saw that I was at the first Thanksgiving, with the people from the Mayflower and the Native Americans! The turkey was gone. “Come, help me,” a voice told me. Turning, I saw a man that looked like the cook. He brought me to a fire where a bird I didn’t recognize was cooking. He took it off of the spit and put it on a wooden plate. “Bring this to the table,” the cook told me. I was walking over when, suddenly, I tripped again! As I went tumbling toward the ground, the ground changed from grass and dirt to my kitchen tile. Crash! My mom came running. “Are you okay?” she said. “Yep,” I replied, brushing myself off and picking up the turkey, which was still intact. As my mom went back to set the table, I said to myself, “What an adventure!” -Grace

Okay. Before I start my story, you should know something about my family. Since Medieval Times, all the boys in my family have been wizards. Also, for some reason, every Thanksgiving, weird things happen to the people in my family who eat the food that my dad cooks. I found out my wizard powers an hour ago, and that is where my story begins. I was just sitting at my black desk in my room when suddenly, I get a tingling in my right hand. I shake it, and it just goes limp and flops around. I run to my dad, and he beams at me. He doesn’t need to worry about my powers anymore. He tells me that my grandpa had this same power before he died. He also tells me that my power is shape-shifting. Well, then we had our Thanksgiving feast, and I found out why everything my dad cooks has weird side effects. His power is potions and food. So he makes mystical food like Time Twister Turnips that can take you back in time and Pick Pocket Potatoes which make you able to pick anyone’s pockets undetected. -Kaylee

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  1. dinosaurs says:

    Grrrr…..when will they announce the winners for the “Webkinz Photo Shoot” contest? I hope I won!!! And since I’m posting on this,I like all of the stories!!!

  2. Caroline says:

    i want to get it but i do not know how…………………
    can someone tell me please :( :) ;)

  3. STeve says:

    oh also Alex u rock!! (: WHOOOOO ur a awesome writer and all the others winners are awesome too!! WEBKIN ROCKS!! congrats to all the winners by the way lolololol

  4. STeve says:

    Awesome story(s)! AWESOME

  5. MiaStella789 says:

    Congrats you all deserved to win.. I loved ur stories..

  6. pransser says:

    Hey everybody, nice stories, but the story by Alex made me laugh so hard!! Nice job Alex, yours was my favorite, even though everyone did a good job!

  7. ppl says:

    The stories were okay. But congrats to all of you who won. I did not think this one was worth it so I did’nt enter.

  8. follow2 says:

    Ur friend,
    FLW :)

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