Collect Chocolate!

Have you visited Cinnamon’s Chocolate Stand in the Kinzville Park yet? Don’t forget that you can also win a Whipped Strawberry Chocolate from Webkinz Newz from February 7 – February 14! Just look for the floating Whipped Strawberry Chocolate…click on it when you find it to get one for your Webkinz World account!

Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.

41 Responses to Collect Chocolate!

  1. 200204026 says:


  2. kathleenkdc says:

    Where are you all finding the chocolates? The main page or another page. I am not having much luck. Thanks for the help!

  3. nutmeg450 says:

    I can`t find the whipped strawberry chocolate.

  4. Karissa42 says:

    Hey if anyone is having a hard time getting the chocolate on here remember to clear recent history and go back here, that is how I got one for all of my kiddos!!

  5. nutmeg450 says:

    I have two of all but the last one if anybody needs them i have two lavender lilac 2 creme de menthe 2 acai blueberry 2 whipped strawberry and 2 orange zest if anybody needs any my username is thelynx2014 so if you have a question just ask me.

  6. natalie13 says:

    Found the floating heart but NO candy?

  7. TennesseeFrogs2 says:

    I found one, now i need another lol

  8. EyesInTheDark says:

    This just look so good I wish these were real and not on my screen because they make me hungry. So far I have half of them and I’m about to get my fourth one so yeah if any of you people reading this need it then I have two extras and I’d love to help you guys~EITD

  9. nutmeg450 says:

    Has anybody but me seen the whipped strawberry chocolate in the kinzville park on the ground?

  10. nutmeg450 says:

    Will somebody trade me there whipped strawberry chocolate for a blueberry acai or creme de menthe chocolate? It would be a big help.

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