Craft: Pencil Toppers













Here’s a fun craft that you can take with you to school!


What you need:

Fun foam, scissors, pencils, stickers, glitter

What you do:

  1. Cut out a fun foam shape (it’s easier if you draw the shape on the foam ahead of time).
  2. Fold the shape in half and make two small snips, one above the other.
  3. Slide the pencil through the snips.
  4. Decorate the topper any way you like.
  5. Make some for your friends!

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  1. lovepuppygirl says:

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  3. Aquarium says:

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  4. DeepOceanWings says:

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  5. Mbugg2 says:

    I think the pencil toppers idea sounds like an idea I might use but not in school. Only because At my school we are not allowed to have big or distracting items because they distract you from paying any attention to your schoolwork or to what your teacher is saying. But I still like the idea!!! :)

  6. Crystal2854 says:

    Creative :D

  7. candyrocks78 says:

    Wow. What a great idea i usually lose all my pencils in homeroom though :D

  8. lovepuppygirl says:

    That`s cute.LillyLuvie can you friend me on webkinz?

  9. StarFire says:

    Cool :mrgreen: !

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