Fall Room Design Contest

Do you have an awesome Autumn room? We’re pleased to announce our first contest: the Fall Room Design Contest! Visit the Contests page for more details.

Fall Room Example


6 Responses to Fall Room Design Contest

  1. catlover009 says:

    i love the idea i wish i could join it i have a good room but i can not post it to bad

  2. Talent says:

    Tht Fall Room is awesome but im not gonna do one! idk y i just joined webkinz 2 months ago and i have four webkinz on WebkinzWorld
    and i have 10 in real life so idk what to do!! im very excited

  3. webkinzman101 says:

    pretty nice

  4. gingerhorsez2 says:

    That contest passed already. See? The article was posted in 2008. So, the contest is over. Anbd look at your comment. It says 2010. So, it passed.

  5. Cassie says:

    That is AWESOME i’m gonna have to start WHOO HOO!!!!!!

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