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Today I have the pleasure of talking to one of the youngest adventurers in Webkinz World – none other than Dogbeard’s younger sister, Laurabeard!

LB: Glad to be here!

EM: So, Laura – maybe the first thing you can tell us is how you got the coveted ‘beard’ ending on your name?

LB: That happened when I went on an adventure with my brother, Dogbeard. We were in a terrible storm – but Doggie B was too angry at his crew to be the captain (he was kind of mad at me, too). Anyway, I took control of the ship and made sure that everyone was safe. It was awesome and Dogbeard had no choice but to make me an honorary pirate – so I got the ‘beard’ ending on my name.

EM: Do you want to be a pirate full-time when you grow up?

LB: Nah – that’s Doggie-B’s thing. I’m really interested in maps, though. So maybe a cartographer? Who knows? I’ve got lots of time to figure it out.

EM: Do you hope to go on another voyage with Dogbeard at some point?

LB: Oh, sure! If he’ll take me – which I’m not sure he would. Dogbeard likes being in charge – he doesn’t like sharing the spotlight with his little sister.

EM: Dogbeard is quite a bit older than you – what’s it like having a MUCH older sibling?

LB: It’s fine – I didn’t really see Dogbeard too much as I was growing up. He was already hanging out with this crew and building himself a pirate ship.

EM: If you could go anywhere in the world, on any kind of wild adventure – where would you go and why?

LB: I’d go to this little island I found on a map in a book – I have no idea how long it would take to sail there (maybe, like, a year?). I figure I’ll go there with Nibbles (my BFF) when we’re done school. Maybe it’s the fabled Treasure Trove Island I’ve heard so much about!

EM: One can only hope! Best of luck, Laurabeard!

LB: Thanks!

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  1. Katie says:

    What’s up Laura! I agree what bunnylover said about your name.

  2. Emeraldleaf says:

    Cool Laurabeard!!!

    ~*Emeraldleaf*~ :mrgreen:

  3. Kimmy2k8 says:

    Hey Laura! :)

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