Flora’s Spring Flowers!

Flora just loves the spring… because spring means flowers! Find Flora floating around Webkinz Newz from now until April 25th to win some pretty virtual flowers for your Webkinz World account! Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.

19 Responses to Flora’s Spring Flowers!

  1. 101selena says:

    i got this cool rare item!

  2. starmom4523 says:

    My favorite flower is a Carnation , they last the longest and I think they smell the prettiest , funny thing is they are the flower of my birth which . My boyfriend thinks it is neat because they are not expensive at all so he can get them more often for me , and he gets me the painted carnations which are my favorite of all the carnation

  3. greengranny1358 says:

    I got the glowing lamp, I love it. Also got flowers in different pots.

  4. Melody says:

    love floatting flora

  5. Ailyn1 says:

    I found a lot of them!

  6. caakitty says:

    I got like one prize, but I’ve clicked her about three times, and all i got was a little patch of geraniums. Maybe I’ll be luckier next time *._.

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