Host Quiz

Answer the following questions to see which Webkinz World host you’re most like!

My favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon is: A) Play a sport – I LOVE being active!
B) Go hiking and exploring
C) Go shopping for clothes at the mall
D) Create something cool
E) Write or read a book
F) Play video games

My favorite food is:
A) Carrots
B) A ruby-red apple
C) Cheese platter
D) Cupcake with sprinkles
E) Chocolate – anything chocolate!
F) Potato chips

My favorite color is:
A) Green
B) Blue
C) Purple
D) Red
E) Pink
F) Yellow

Which word would your friends use to describe you?
A) Competitive
B) Brave
C) Stylish
D) Creative
E) Caring
F) Funny

Which is your favorite subject in school?
A) Gym
B) Geography
C) Art
D) Music
E) Language
F) Social Studies

What’s your favorite type of music?
A) Classical
B) Rock ‘n’ roll
C) Pop
D) Hip hop
E) Broadway musical
F) Country

Your LEAST favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon is:
A) Sitting around watching TV
B) Homework
C) Cleaning your room
D) Baby-sitting
E) Yard work
F) Doing the dishes

Tally up your answers!

If you got mostly A's – You’re a definite Fred Rover! Active, strong, competitive and cool, you’ve got lots of friends and you’re usually pretty busy – but that suits you just fine!

If you got mostly B’s – You’re an adventurous personality, just like our own Arte Fact. You’d be thrilled to find gold and jewels in your backyard, and you’re not afraid to get out there and explore the world around you. Awesome!

If you got mostly C’s – Watch out, Amanda Panda! There’s another fashion-expert in town! Like Amanda, you love to look your best. You’ve got a knack for putting together just the right outfit, and everyone admires your sense of style!

If you got mostly D’s – Kimmy Koala is extremely creative – and so are you! All you need is a pencil, some paper and a little bit of time – and who knows what wonderful thing you’ll create? You constantly amaze your friends with your interesting ideas.

If you got mostly E’s – Like Plumpy, you give great advice and are a kind, reliable friend. You have a great big heart, and your pals really appreciate having such a great listener in their lives!

If you got mostly F’s – You’re a little bit wacky, just like Wacky! You have a knack for making people laugh, and cheering up your friends when they’re down. You like chilling with your friends and they love hanging out with you!

143 Responses to Host Quiz

  1. mary says:

    woah i’am ost like Amanda Panda cool that’s like totally off the HOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. autumn says:

    perfect pesonality

  3. TangTiger says:

    I love quizzes! My result that I am mostly like Amanda Panda. I love Amanda Panda!

  4. adriennefriend says:

    just got done with the quiz. i’m a fashion host! yay yay yay!

  5. Blitzu says:

    Cool! I got Amanda Panda…Does it come with free “Wish Tokens”?!?

  6. ceren says:

    i am mostly fs

  7. bungie says:

    This one was really wierd! I got 2 c’s d’s and e’s…. so I just kinda did a SELF test and decided.

  8. cookierox says:

    I got amanda panda shes one of fav hostes!I also wish they had pollie jean collie! And i love pandas they’re so cute!!

  9. Lauren says:

    I love this quiz! Webkinz should make more like this one. I was most like Plumpy. Webkinz should make one about the brand new pets for every month and about their personalities.

  10. chad says:

    i got amanda panda.

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