Porcupine Room Design Contest Winners

Congratulations to kbk100, jewelov, snowandlindsey, Linden, and TheMamaDragon2! They’ve each been sent a Secret Code for a virtual Porcupine, February’s Pet of the Month! We wanted to see your version of the Porcupine’s getaway destination, and we got many wonderful entries!


Check out the winning entries below:







36 Responses to Porcupine Room Design Contest Winners

  1. jewelov says:

    Thank you Ganz! I just realized I won today! It was a nice surprise!

  2. jewelov says:

    Thank you Ganz! I just realized I won today! That was a nice surprise!

  3. acoolaunt says:

    What nice rooms! My webbies would love to vacation in any one of them :)

  4. ImaPepper says:

    Wow, nice rooms–congratulations, everyone!

  5. Linden says:

    Thanks WW judges, and to everyone who commented. I can’t believe my quirky room entry won! Now, I have to come up with a name, for my new webbie! I can’t believe it!

    • Linden says:

      Sally, I did not receive a POTM loot bag; were we supposed to?

      • Sally Webkinz says:

        Please contact customer service if you didn’t receive your gift: webkinzsupport@ganz.com

        • Linden says:

          Sally Webkinz, please help! I communicated with the support team, about the missing loot bag, and in their reply, was told that my pet would be reset. They have since removed my new pet :(, but failed to send me a new code, the original one I was sent is now invalid, and I’m having trouble with my yahoo mail. I cannot reply, cannot compose, and now HAVE NO PORCUPINE! Please, can you help me straighten this out? I do not know what is wrong with my email, but the only alternative I can come up with is to send support an email from the account I set up, to access ganz. It is a different account ( mail) but, I do not know what to do.?! SOO sad. I want my pet back!

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            When they reset your code, it should have become available to use after 24 hours. Try the code again and if you’re still having issues, comment again on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in Canada) and I’ll see if I can get in touch with CS directly.

          • Linden says:

            Thank-you, Sally Webkinz! I assume you mean my original code, that I was given from winning. I will go try it again, now. It is Sat. 13th 10:36 EST for me. Yahoo mail still not right, but did manage to send a mail to CS, this morning. Sorry for multiple postings, all over, and for any ensuing confusion. Thanks, again.

          • Linden says:

            IT worked!! :) He’s home! Hooray! SOOO Happy! Thanks, Sally and WW CS team.

  6. barb539 says:

    Congrats everyone! Very nice rooms, but hope that little piggy gets off the tracks before the train comes! :)

  7. adoptmepleaz says:

    Congratulations to kbk100, jewelov, snowandlindsey, Linden and TheMamaDragon2. Enjoy your Porcupine. :-}

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