Share Your Recycling Tips!

Do you have great ways to help reduce waste and recycle? What are your favorite ways to upcycle an old item? Tell us your top 10 recycling tips and you could win a Lilac Guinea Pig, May’s Pet of the Month, in time for May! ┬áHead over to the Contests page to enter.

77 Responses to Share Your Recycling Tips!

  1. lilyh111 says:

    food goes in the not recycle bin plastic metel paper and cans go in the recycle bin

  2. lilyh111 says:

    clean up the webkinz park more.

  3. tasha1414 says:

    Who won this contest? Or will Ganz be announcing it later?

  4. Trixiepinkie3 says:

    My daughter and I crochet by hand old plastic shopping bags together to make 6 ft. mats for the homeless to sleep on instead of the cold hard floor.

  5. janestu says:

    When does this contest end i entered but i dont know when they will announce the winners . Luck to all who entered

  6. kaykaykaylee says:

    i wanna see how it is in tokyo!

  7. MommaBooth says:

    We turn gently used socks into dolly dresses when the kids out grow them. Also, we pass down or up clothes that my daughters have outgrown so other kids can wear them. Also we recycle cans and paper.

  8. kitdoll4 says:

    How do you log on?

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