Take Your Pet to the Kinzville Academy!


Now that you’re heading back to school, why not give your pet a top-notch education by taking them to the Kinzville Academy? The Academy is a terrific place for pets to learn all about…everything! From griddling up some pancakes to painting a masterpiece, your pet is sure to find a subject they love.

The best part is: the more your pet learns at the Kinzville Academy, the better they’ll do at the Webkinz Stadium. They’ll be better equipped to compete in competitions and show off their skills!

The first pet in your family to get their level 5 pin in any of their basic courses will unlock a special action.   The first pet in your family to get their level 5 pin in any of the talent courses will unlock a special item! Whenever any pet gets their level 10 pin, they’ll be able to choose from an awesome pool of prizes!

And remember: send your pet to class for fifteen days (with three classes completed each day) and they’ll earn a recess break! During recess, you can play some great games and win some cool prizes!

40 Responses to Take Your Pet to the Kinzville Academy!

  1. Jaysky5 says:

    I need help anybody

  2. Jaysky5 says:

    Help I do not know how to sign my pet up for Kingsville Academy every time I click sign up here tell me who wins the band uniform and I do not have a computer I am using my tablet

  3. Cswirlc says:

    How do you take your pet to the academy

  4. angelkara1017 says:

    How do I get to the Kinzville Academy on my Webkinz app for Iphones?

  5. joytheelephant1302 says:

    SIGN ME UP!!

  6. joytheelephant1302 says:

    I’m having trouble getting to the KinzVille, I don’t know where to go to get to it.

  7. GummyKoala1112 says:

    SIGN ME UP!!!

  8. ellie says:

    Stopped school three weeks ago. Stadium has been broke for 5 weeks, no letters and no trophies. Lots of unhappy players.

  9. kiddykat11 says:

    I’m experiencing a technical problem lately with the weight-lifting class. It freezes up and I can’t even start to lift weights, and I’m forced to log out and fail the class! :-( How can I let Webkinz know about my problem?

  10. cathouse2j3gnight2011 says:

    I always take my pets here, but sometimes the Kinzville Acadamy won’t work on my computer right. My pet named Gem is in level 5 in the cooking class. >>cathouse2

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