The Employment Office

Hailey and I have been SO busy trying to plan out the new looks for some of the stores around Kinzville. Today we’re going to be doing the Employment Office.  Tabby asked us to make everything look super spooky and cool. Tabby LOVES Halloween, so we didn’t hold back!

With a little bit of ingenuity and some really cool stuff from the various shops in Kinzville, this is what we came up with:



 Personally, I love it! I love the purples and oranges and how everything looks SO seasonally perfect. The couches are extremely comfy (which is good for Webkinz who are waiting to see Tabby), and the tea cart is a nice, elegant (and unexpected) touch. I absolutely LOVE Halloween!

15 Responses to The Employment Office

  1. ilysha says:

    we have won the pumpkins to go in rooms during halloween challenges in past years.

  2. says:

    WOW! So exciting……NOT!

  3. fanofthefrog7 says:

    Not as Halloween-y I’ve seen from them. Needs for decorations.

    • ATeenageWolf... So ready for Halloween says:

      I agree @ fanofthefrog7 it should have those ghost chairs and that creepy table with the eyes peeking out which both were sold at the w-shop last year and I do believe they are selling them again this year… But anyways who’s ready for Halloween I know I am!! :D

  4. READINGIRL8 says:

    My question is will it be like this year round?????????????

  5. Philadelphia Kinz says:

    Pretty! ! Love the sofas! :)

  6. designergirl101 says:

    This is okay as always their designs rarely never make say oh I want that room. Hi guys here is my new ending line on every post~never stop designing~

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