Time for a Picnic!

What better way to enjoy summer than with a fabulous picnic? Webkinz Newz has got you covered — look for Hailey 5 times to win some perfect picnic pieces… from a picnic table to some tasty treats, including some unsolved recipe foods! Head over to the Events page and play the Picnic Peek-A-Newz Challenge.

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  1. niknik1144 says:

    ATTENTION ALL WEBKINZ MEMBERS: I’m niknik1144, and I am requesting a royal blue crown OR a webkinz crown of wonder. Please friend me and send it to me. I will send something nice back. I’m niknik1144.

  2. cowtown says:

    is it me or is this contest not working today i have played two times and when i click on the last one it says contest thing not working or something like that it is driving me crazy… thanks. this is my third and last time.

  3. OmNomMonster says:

    I found Hailey 5 times today and it said that my prize would be sent to me. I still haven’t got it yet.

  4. suziesweetpea says:

    I’m having problems with the picnic contest. I find 4 Hailey’s and on the last one am told the campaign expired. The only thing I can think of is that I did it late in the day yesterday and it’s not been 24 hr’s. Could that be the problem?

  5. mydogozzie8899 says:

    I would like to send a msg to ganz and I don’t know how can somebody help me? any way I can contact ganz would be great1

  6. jimzy13 says:

    This challenge is way to easy. I entered it, and hailey popped up 5 times on the same page I went to, and got the prize. Weird! (p.s. I am not trying to brag!)

  7. niknik1144 says:

    Doublediznee, I am in the light blue zone all the time. If you are in another zone, please switch to the light blue zone.

  8. niknik1144 says:

    It’s Fine. Do you have the webkinz crown of wonder?

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