Introducing the Treasure Hunt!

We’ll be adding a brand new feature on Webkinz Newz that you’re going to love! Search Webkinz Newz for clues in this awesome Treasure Hunt! Find all of the clues, and you’ll win the treasure: a Breaking News Cocker Spaniel Figure!

The Treasure Hunt will begin on June 10. Check this page again on June 10 for login details.

Step 1: Visit the Contests page and click on Treasure Hunt.

Step 2: Read the first clue and figure out where to go next.

Step 3: Repeat until you’ve found all of the clues, then fill in the form and the prize will be added to your account!

One prize per account.

Ends on June 30

265 Responses to Introducing the Treasure Hunt!

  1. megammsezpeaceout says:

    im on the pink treasure hunt whats the last clue tpye b in what i dont get it can help me plz??

  2. 1667740 says:

    i need help on the second one for the road trip questions. HELP!!!!

  3. What is number 2 help says:

    help number two please

  4. finleygirl says:

    i’m stuk on 2 please help me :)

  5. somebody says:

    WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO #2????!!!!!!!!!!! HHHEEEELLLLPPP MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. camping27 says:

    this is hard, i can’t find the answer to the first clue. Help anyone?

  7. Webkinz says:

    I know this sounds like totally awesome!! I can’t wait to try it out!

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