Visit the Classroom in the Clubhouse!



School is back in session and what better way to celebrate than to visit the Clubhouse’s Classroom?! When you visit the Classroom, you can be the teacher or the student. You can pretend to take a test, make excuses about where your homework went, or just chat with your fellow students. It’s time to pack that knapsack, put on your uniform and head over to the Clubhouse!

36 Responses to Visit the Classroom in the Clubhouse!

  1. lollypup33354 says:

    I love the club house!!! cant wait to go on and play

  2. merector says:

    So i am playing for free, and i have no idea how to get to the curio shop or the clubhouse. and help?

  3. Kaite says:

    I doesn’t work. I can only be the student. I want to be the teacher though.

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    I can’t wait!~Kw1653

  5. kitkat1012000 says:

    I like the classroom. But the restraunt is way better.

  6. *webkinz wizard* says:

    that is one of my favorite rooms i may vist soon. -wizard out-

  7. Mom says:

    I am so confused! This article is supposed to be a clue, right? For Treasure Hunt? Phew….these have gotten too tough

  8. #*bramble*dusk*# says:

    Cool I love this room I am new here I hope to find lots of fun things on webkinz newz any sudgestions of what I should check normaly?

  9. lovepuppygirl says:

    I meant to say I`ll have to do that.Sorry!!!!

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