Weekend Round-Up

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Play the Healthy Harvest Peek-A-Newz Challenge from November 12 to December 3 and win some tasty Farm Fresh foods or seeds for your garden!


Tell us the top 10 coolest things you’re thankful for and you could win a virtual Reindeer in time for December! Open all November.
Tell us what the Golden Gobbler did for Thanksgiving and you could win an eStore exclusive Golden Gobbler! Opens November 19.
Tell us your top 10 Thanksgiving treats and you could win a Thanksgiving Prize Pack! Opens November 19.
Keep your eyes open this Saturday for the special SPREE ad! Click on it once a day to win a bonus roll for SPREE!
Look for MC Tusky on Webkinz Newz on select days to win some eStore exclusive hip hop clothing! Learn more about this and other November events.

32 Responses to Weekend Round-Up

  1. IsthataFact says:

    Did anyone find MC Tusky on the 29th? I tried twice and didn’t see him anywhere. Ho-hum. Oh, well; I did find the hat and pants, so that’s good.

  2. homekid8 says:

    I’ve already completed the healthy harvest. :D :D I’m so lucky! I got a bean seed for the last challange of the healthy harvest. :) Love you webkinz.


  3. SparkleUnicorn1998 says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize we did so much this week. Do we do this much stuff every week?

  4. Trader says:

    hey anyone want to trade me? i have lots of clothing to trade

  5. lovepuppygirl says:

    Cool…have a great weekend everyone!!!!

  6. Cinderpelt says:

    Coolio! This week looks fun ;) How was all your guys week? Mine was amazing… But I’m sad :( I’m leaving from Illionis tommorrow. Blahh. ;)


  7. LuvMindlessBehavior says:

    i love the MC Tusky thing, and i love the hat that you can win from it
    #Stay Mindless

  8. WebkinzQueen says:

    You have to be a WKN member right?

    • starburst says:

      AWESOME! i LUV wkend roundup! :lol:
      starburst :D

      • SwedishLatte says:

        Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

        • lillyluvie says:

          WOES and SWEEEEET as I always say. I think this week has been great so far! :mrgreen:

          *Luv from LillyLuvie*

          • Northwestern...okay I guess says:

            This week could’ve been better, but it was alright.

          • lillyluvie says:

            Yeah, I would kinda agree. On some days, it was great like I said. But one day in school kinda scared me because I have Wood Shop. I had to use the Drill Press and it was so scary because when you turn it on it makes a LOUD (and I mean LOUD!) noise. It sounds like someone screaming LOL! But I drilled the holes in my coat rack, so it was allllll good. :lol:

            *Luv from LillyLuvie*

          • Northwestern...my thing says:

            I used to be TERRIFIED of loud noises. :shock: Yet I probably outsounded the vacumm cleaner by a long shot. I can remember being out in the backyard with my friend one fall, sitting on top of the mulch pile, screaming “MULCH!” at the top of our lungs. It was ridiculous. Now the only loud noise I can’t get over is the fire alarm, but that’s more because you might as well get trampled trying to get down the stairs

          • LemonCandy etc. says:

            I homeschool so i’ve never done wood shop. i used to not like loud noises either!! i remember having to cover my ears when someone used a hammer!

          • SummerRox says:

            I am homeschooled too! i lived in the mountains, and my grandpa is a logger, so
            yeah i have done stuff like that

          • steamtrainguy99 says:

            Sweet! I’m also homeschooled and have not done woodshop either, but it looks fun!

          • DreamsComeTrue says:

            I entered the Golden Gobbler Contest. I sure hope I win! :)
            Yes, lillyluvie, this HAS been a good week…

          • lillyluviw says:

            Yep! :D

            *Luv from LillyLuvie*

          • catluv says:

            I luv weekend round ups 2! Yee Ha 4 Weekend Round ups!


    • sparklegirlLT says:

      Sweet! I have all of the walrus clothes already.

    • Moonstar says:

      Cool, I like the Weekend-Roundups! (Did you guys see that awesome sales at the eStore?)
      I am very happy because now that Thanksgiving is over, my birthday is the next thing that happens then Christmas! -Moonstar◙◙◙

    • krystalkat says:

      Had an awsome wekend. Im going to the movies tomorrow with my bestie to see an awsome movie. Can it get any better than that! :D


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