Win an Invisible Car!

Webkinz World has gone mobile… and so can your Webkinz pets! Look for the floating Charming Panda from now until September 13 for a chance to win an awesome Invisible Car. Other prizes include KinzCash, coupons and outdoor items. Limit of one prize per Webkinz World account per day.

56 Responses to Win an Invisible Car!

  1. Bernie3333 says:

    Any chance you can bring this back?

  2. bubblegumkitty5 says:

    i have it! i didnt win it i traded for it!

  3. EEVSPEAK says:

    I have done this contest every single day for my families 17 accounts and not one has won the car. I sure wish that the rare items weren’t so difficult to win. :(

  4. nikisniki says:

    Yet another example of Ganz offering something to win and not actually programming it to be winnable. Nice going Ganz. :(

  5. 101Snoopers says:

    I am trying to collect all the vehicles in Webkinz World. I would LOVE to win this one!!! And what a wonderful and wild summer in Webkinz~ WOW! thanks 4 so much fun!!!

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