Crafty Critterz: Christmas Nightlight

Submitted by: Sni with Charlie












What you need:

  • 1 medium size jar
  • 1 small strand of Christmas lights
  • A small piece of Christmas cloth
  • 1 foot of string (gold, green or red)
  • Scissors



What you do:

1.     Take the top off the jar and put the Christmas light in.  Leave the top off.

2.     Cut a few small holes in the middle of the cloth.

3.     Put the cloth on top of the jar with the holes in the opening.  Then tie the string around the cloth to hold it to the jar.

4.     Plug the Christmas lights in and you have a Christmas nightlight.

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43 Responses to Crafty Critterz: Christmas Nightlight

  1. lisa82712 says:

    The Christmas nightlight is such a good idea

  2. mcbiking says:

    Good Idea, Im not afraid of the dark, but where I live the lights will shock you. It hurts…

  3. mynameiscarroty says:

    I’m not afraid of the dark but my sister is. So maybe I’ll make the Christmas Nightlight for her. I think she will enjoy it.

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