Crafty Critterz: King DeDeDe Penguin Fishicles

Submitted by: pro with Lord Orochi the Snake








What you need:

  • 24 Small candy fish
  • 24 ounce Blue Raspberry fruit juice
  • 24 Tooth picks
  • 2 Ice trays


What you do:

1.     Drop one candy fish into each available compartment of the ice tray.

2.     Insert the pointed end of the tooth pick firmly into the center of the candy fish.

3.     Pour the blue raspberry juice over each fish to the fill line of the ice tray.

4.     Place both fishicle trays into the freezer for 2 hours.

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55 Responses to Crafty Critterz: King DeDeDe Penguin Fishicles

  1. RaguAlfredoSauce says:

    omg i extremely love kirby and love this!

  2. LeahWK says:

    i love popsicles

  3. breteed123 says:

    use Gummy Bears and Sprite!!! thats is the bomb

  4. breteed123 says:

    Awww so creative but the only thing is we can barley see the popsicles cuz its really dark in the picture :) -breteed123 known as -maya100 friend me at -awesometeed789

  5. 1fatcat says:

    These sound yummy :)

  6. sararokz says:

    soooooo cute!! now all i need to do is get some juice and candy fish…

  7. star62445795 says:

    That is such a cool idea, OH! I know, I’ll use gummy BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is going to be cute awesome and delicious!

  8. popy380 says:

    i might try these… my lil’ kinz seal, snow pearl, would like them ; ) OR i could just put a bunch of candy fish in a cup, put them in the freezer for a day, and put some water in it so they float around. wait… better idia! take an ice cube tray, put a little water in, cram at least one fish in each compartment, freeze, and then float fish cubes in some water or blue rasberry (or, as ganZ webkinZ, newZ, you get the point, would say, blue razberry)

  9. DaPizzaMonsta says:

    Kirby is my favorite Nintendo character, so i thought i should click on this xD except for i can’t make it because we don’t have some of these ingredients where i live. :(

  10. CandyLover/PopcicleLover says:

    They look so tasty……….my mouth is watering : l ………….oh its not that im just hungry! :)

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