2017 Holiday Gift Stockings are Now Available!


No holiday is complete without opening a 2017 Holiday Gift Stocking to find fun items inside!


2017 Holiday Gift Stockings award random items and some jolly holiday prizes too ranging in size, from small to large, and functionality. Gift Stockings may also contain new items not previously released! You won’t want to wait for Christmas morning to open yours!


Drag and drop your 2017 Holiday Gift Stocking from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Listen to jingling bells and watch as the stocking shakes and magically awards mystery items to your dock! You also get a tradeable Knit Stocking you can hang in your Pet’s room.


Here’s a preview of
some of the new items you may find in the 2017 Elf Gift Stocking:

Gingerbread Train(RARE)

Elf Lamp(Super Exclusive)

Gold Sparkle Planter (Super Exclusive)

Great Hall Carpet

Holiday Tree Stained Glass Window

Gold Sparkle Vanity Pouf

Sugar and Spice Lamp

Elf Rug

Elf Wall Divider

Snowmen Wall Divider

Festive Holiday Lights

Here’s a preview of some of the new items you may find in the 2017 Gold Sparkle Gift Stocking:

Red SantaKinz Ornament Car (RARE)

Holiday Fairy House (RARE)

Chestnut Cottage (Super Exclusive)

Gold Sparkle Car (Super Exclusive)

Green SantaKinz Ornament Car

Great Hall Curtains

Great Hall Chair

Sugar and Spice Divider Wall

Elf Window

Partridge Wall Divider

Jolly Sparkle Trees


Visit Ganz eStore for more details on the 2017 Holiday Gift Stockings.


8 Responses to 2017 Holiday Gift Stockings are Now Available!

  1. bonesbongo says:

    The new stockings are fantastic! The prizes to be won are amazing. I love all of these items, sure hope I am lucky enough to get one of each item.

  2. obvsaprincess says:

    That stained glass window is just darling! Are these items trade-able?

  3. kakenta says:

    Hi pamala. I just bought 2 elf stockings (one is for a different account) and one gold stocking. one elf stocking contained the elf stocking to hang, a gold sparkle planter, mountainous flooring, “rock” music speakers, Glam boutique flooring (replica) and a circus spectacular spotlight. The other elf stocking contained: elf stocking to hang, sugar and spice lamp, monkey pet lamp, giant ottoman, bake shop table, and serene stone bench. The gold sparkle stocking contained: gold sparkle stocking to hang, sugar and spice divider wall, holiday wishes truck, peppermint carnation wardrobe, sprayed stripes skunk car, big pile of kinzcash couch, country house bed, and an iceberg slider. Quite pleased with all that I have received! Many items will be very easy to place and some will take some thought. The giant ottoman is quite large, but the color will definitely work in a Christmas room…who knew!

    • kakenta says:

      Must admit I am a big time sucker for mystery bags, boxes, and stockings. Also that way in real life too! some items are super easy to place. I have the carnation bed, so the wardrobe will be a perfect match. I like having two beds in a room and already have one country house bed, again great match. The holiday wishes truck is adorable!. I have started a kinzcash room, so the big pile of kinzcash couch will fit in perfectly. Iceberg slider will work most excellently in one of my outside rooms as will the serene stone bench. Just takes some imagination to place some of the other items…will have to think about the monkey pet lamp for instance, as well as the circus spectacular spotlight. Will eventually figure out the spots that they will call home.

  4. pamala says:

    Please post on the gold stocking, I have never gotten anything good with these, but would love to know how everyone’s luck is going. Good luck to all.

  5. bubbashuka says:

    Aw, I wish I could get this! It is really cool!

  6. LovesStaffordshires says:

    Ooh, I LOVE all of these items. I wish that I could get the gingerbread train, four of the elf window, lamp, rug & sugar & spice lamp, & two of the jolly sparkle trees. Pittiesrule

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