Black Friday Sale On Now at the Ganz eStore!






Did you know that there are amazing deals happening over at the eStore right now?







If you love the fantastic items and features on Webkinz World that are Deluxe, now’s a great time to upgrade to a Deluxe Membership! Why? Because until midnight tonight (November 23, 2018), you’ll receive 50% off your Deluxe Membership upgrade!






Plus, all weekend long you’ll receive up to 70% off select items. There are different offers all weekend!


So if you’ve had your eye on some great eStore swag, head over to Ganz eStore to learn more and swipe up some awesome deals!


Like a great deal on the Pet of The Month Club Subscription!


Also, don’t forget that the Holiday Kitten is available!
Friday Nov 23 to Sunday Nov 25, 2018 is your chance
to purchase this awesome Pet!


You may find these deals and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!


35 Responses to Black Friday Sale On Now at the Ganz eStore!

  1. motherk says:

    I bought a yearly deluxe membership gift code for our family, I wanted to upgrade to a whole year membership rather than doing the month to month thing. I got the Black Friday deal and so far, Ganz is giving me a run around and now the kids are upset because we cancelled their deluxe membership which ended on November 30th, 2018, in order to upgrade to the yearly. I have sent several emails and the only response I got was “Sorry your Code is expired.” Well, how can that be? I just bought it as a gift a week ago. Ganz needs to not treat good paying customers in such a greedy, make you jump through a dozen hoops way. I’m so soured on this whole situation because my daughter loves her Webkinz and is upset now when this was supposed to be a happy early Christmas present for her and the entire family.

  2. fairysprig says:

    Hi everyone! I wanted to mention, maybe for the next time or whenever, that it might work if you remove any adblocks and someone mentioned popup blocker too, but maybe just adblock. You might need to contact estore about account needs to be updated to fix that problem. It has to do with programming I think.

  3. dinosaurtracker13 says:

    Hi, Ganz! I noticed that you aren’t running your Black Friday sales in the W-Shop. Is that a mistake, or will people who have their eStore points in the game not be able to use those points for the sale? Almost all my points are on my Webkinz World account, except a very small amount. Please let me know if you will be opening any of the weekend sale in the W-Shop or not.

    • dinosaurtracker13 says:

      Never mind this post — I was looking through themes in the W-Shop today and realized the same sales as in the eStore site ARE going on in there! They just weren’t showing up in the “Sale” category for some reason. So today was a fun day of bargain buying for me after all! :)

  4. magickeet says:

    Ganz could make so many more sales if their systems worked better! Can’t update my account online, don’t return calls (at least not mine) and make it hard to contact them by email. This is money lost to you, Ganz. I have tried for two Black Fridays in a row to update to Deluxe but get a message saying my account needs to be updated. NO other vendor needs a phone call to update credit card info. I would be happy to start a new account but your system just goes in circles : “Open a new account”. “That email is in use. You can’t open an account with it”. I’m not the only one who just doesn’t care enough to wait or jump through hoops. YOU ARE LOSING SALES because your sales system is difficult. No, I am not selling anything :)

  5. rufflesthe4th says:

    I can’t get the order to go through. Error message – EVERY single time. I tried for hours on Friday the 23rd on three different browsers multiple times – Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome – and even more hours on Sat the 24th since the deal was extended but same thing – on all three browsers again. I even created a second estore account but that didn’t work either, on any browser. So incredibly frustrating!

  6. nettne2 says:

    I sent and received back an email with my solution to the error message i kept getting (not being able to purchase the 50% off deluxe code). I am waiting to see if following the steps in the email worked, I had to reply back, so Im waiting for the next email…

  7. Tigercat101 says:

    I’m confused. I have estore points on my Webkinz account, but I can’t buy anything with them in eStore? I made an account there, but don’t know how to get these points there to buy anything. Help!

  8. motorbub says:

    wont let me order 50% off membership says problem with my request so sad

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