Black Friday Sale On Now at the Ganz eStore!






Did you know that there are amazing deals happening over at the eStore right now?







If you love the fantastic items and features on Webkinz World that are Deluxe, now’s a great time to upgrade to a Deluxe Membership! Why? Because until midnight tonight (November 29, 2019), you’ll receive 50% off your Deluxe Membership upgrade!






Plus, all weekend long you’ll receive up to 70% off select items. There are different offers all weekend!


So if you’ve had your eye on some great eStore swag, head over to Ganz eStore to learn more and swipe up some awesome deals!


Like a great deal on the Pet of The Month Club Subscription!


Also, don’t forget that the Holiday Puppy is available!
Friday November 29 to Sunday December 1, 2019 is your chance
to purchase this awesome Pet!


You may find these deals and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!


26 Responses to Black Friday Sale On Now at the Ganz eStore!

  1. bonesbongo says:

    DELUXE MEMBERSHIP – I have a question, I sure hope that someone is able to help. I already have Deluxe Membership on accounts, it says to expire on November 30, 2019. I already have my NEW Deluxe Membership Code ready to enter. Can I enter this code today or do I have to wait until after midnight to enter the code. I do not want to miss getting the November Deluxe Membership Gift Box. :(

    • bonesbongo says:

      I confused as to when Full/Deluxe Memberships expire on accounts. I had Full Membership accounts that I adopted pets on Nov. 29, 2018. When I logged into my account on Nov. 28, 2019 it said I was FREE PLAYER. On my Deluxe accounts which started Nov. 30, 2018 I still am able to play Deluxe today. I thought that accounts would expire in 365 days whether playing Full/Deluxe Membership.

      • superfriends says:

        In my experience with deluxe memberships you play as a deluxe member up until and including the day that it expires. I have tried to enter a code early but it would not let me until the following day. On the month that your membership expires you don’t receive your deluxe membership gift box, you will receive one when you put your code in. Not sure if this happens with everyone but I have been a deluxe member for a long time now and that is how it has always worked for me.

  2. Dipstick2013 says:

    I bought the 2012 Spring Celebration Egg Basket, the one that awards 3 milk chocolate eggs and 3 white chocolate eggs. I fed two of the milk chocolate ones to my pet but was not given any prize.

    • mirforbjs says:

      Yeah, the old eggs (2011, 2012, and 2013) only give you a “chance” to win a prize. That’s why I only buy the eggs for 2014 and later because those give you a prize every time.

  3. obie987 says:

    Thanks for the sales I had so much fun deciding what to get.

  4. Demongirl10 says:

    I named my Holiday Puppy “Nutmeg”, it felt like a nice seasonal name. She’s really beautiful! <3

  5. Crantz says:

    I got really great items. Only I’m having trouble with one of them, I got the Molten Lava Volcano and when places in my room it doesn’t work, the animation and sound won’t play. Do you have any suggestions to what I should do or contact? Thanks!

    • TheSleepingBeauty says:

      I’ve had the same problem I have floors and walls that are supposed to be animated that won’t work and my origami mill disappears when I try to make it work ans I’m pretty sure some of my saplings have lost their decorations. I thought there was something wrong with my account.

    • blueskyphoenix says:

      I have the same problem! I bought the volcano and put in in my room, but the animation doesn’t work. There also isn’t any huts around the base like there was in the picture. Is there anyway it can be fixed?

      • KarenaJ says:

        I’ve had the same issues. They fixed the tv’s so let’s hope they make fixing animations a priority. If not, they should remove labels saying that they are animated when some of the animation clearly doesn’t work.

  6. larzy says:

    I got a Singing Spiders tree. So cute, have never seen it before!

  7. Katz1259 says:

    Although I was thrilled that I got my Deluxe membership for half price. Saving it until April when my current membership expires. But I have to admit I was VERY VERY disappointed that the epoints were not on sale. I had hoped to get a ton of points so that I could take advantage of some of the sales and hopefully have enough to last me the rest of the year. Some awesome deals over there folks…. make sure you check them out!!

  8. RandaPanda523 says:

    Help! I bought and entered a ton of codes today. Out of over 100, I mistyped maybe 4 or 5. I’ve just been banned from the code shop until tomorrow. I have around 40 codes left and was planning to buy more. Tomorrow won’t work because old mystery bags are only available today, and I can’t know how many more I need without being able to enter codes for the ones I have and open them. Is there a way to get that lifted early? Otherwise, I won’t be doing any more shopping because I only buy mystery bags.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Unfortunately, there’s no way to reverse the 24 hour ban.

      • RandaPanda523 says:

        Well, then I guess I’m done Black Friday shopping. I still had a ton of points to spend and then would have probably bought more. But I’m not blindly buying more mystery bags before I can open the ones I have, which will be after they’re no longer available in the Estore. Thanks for replying, at least. It seems that 5 mistyped codes out of way over 100 shouldn’t be cause for a ban.

        • mirforbjs says:

          When I buy large amounts of those bags, I just choose the option to have it sent directly to my account because it’s too irritating to enter that many codes. ;)

  9. alilkitten says:

    I got the one year of deluxe and chose to have the estore points put onto my Webkinz account. They’re not showing up and that’s the only way I was going to be able to get a new pet today! Can someone please help?

  10. percaroma says:

    I just bought a whole bunch of dispensers and three different seeds…my critters will be well fed with a variety of foods during the holiday season…Thank you Ganz.

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