Celebrate being Deluxe with NEW Peanut Carnival items!








Peanuts anyone?
September Specials: Peanut Carnival items!












Celebrate the fun atmosphere of the Peanut Carnival!


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12 Responses to Celebrate being Deluxe with NEW Peanut Carnival items!

  1. JustyKopietz says:

    This would be an amazing room for my pet elephant.

  2. kathykins says:

    Those are so very cute!

  3. Cupcakes1911 says:

    LOL Peanut Carnival! Sadly I’m allergic to them. :(

  4. Parisluver says:

    The circus furniture looks so cool! Can’t wait to get some! I love using the circus party packs too!

  5. dwtsfan says:

    cool new item

  6. kenbearcol says:

    Why can’t you make a new theme for everyone in the wshop? You have retired so many and added nothing new.

  7. maiahalle says:

    my sister is allergic to peanuts

  8. webbie1999 says:

    Yummy a peanut dispenser

  9. jazzie47 says:

    Gee, this is adorable! I wish it was in Webkinz World instead of the e-store though. I have so much Kinzcash that I need something to buy at the W-Shop that is new. Rats…

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