Celebrate in Style!

More Special Celebration stuff available!


Make your pet look simply stunning in the simple-yet-stunning formal Navy Celebration Gown! Perfect for any special celebration!


Your pet will look undoubtedly dapper in the tidy and terrific Grey & Navy Celebration Suit! Have them slip it on for their next special celebration!


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17 Responses to Celebrate in Style!

  1. tinygma says:

    There is an old Disney song ,” The Ugly Bug Ball .” This picture reminds me of that song its real cute . I am sure its on UTube they have every thing these days.

  2. tinygma says:

    I keep seeing AD’s for a community challenge with the MAYOR’S car !! I can’t find anything in WEBKINZ Newz yet so watch ;) !!

  3. tinygma says:

    PLEASE READ – Sophie Stockwell gave me a MOONBERRY in the mail area where I wrote her Daisy Doe sent a Daisy plushy and Mr. Moo sent a CASH BEAN BAG CHAIR. I cant wait to see what else they send . Moonberry’s are are ALWAYS WELCOME !!

  4. MisakiKt says:

    Aww…………That dragonfly pet couple is so ADORBS!!!

  5. WishieTails says:

    …That Cloud Lion always freaked me out a little…Well…It’s just…If you look at the cloud sheep, and then look at the cloud lion, the rainbow fluff on his legs…It’s the cloud sheep’s ears. No difference. Yeah…Cute pet though…I can’t wait for that Tranquil Fairy Fox and the Midnight Dragon!

    • MisakiKt says:

      Oh yes, he seems to have a serious ‘fro………………:)

      • ilovemoonie says:

        Wait…the lions wearing a dress. That means it’s a girl, right? But it’s a male lion! What’s with that?

        • FoxesRule612 says:

          That’s kinda….freaky….O.o I dunno, but I think it’s nose is too big. I like the normal Lion better.

          • FoxesRule612 says:

            Wait…did you say…..Tranquil Fairy Fox????? I’m on it!!! =D Where did you find out about it???

        • WebkinzPlushLover says:

          O_o’ Maybe he was just feeling extra girly when he woke up. Idk. XD But I have seen things like webkinz mallard ducks be girls. (The webkinz mallard ducks only have green heads, in case you didn’t know. :) ) @ WishieTails, I never realized the fluff on that lion’s legs were the ears of the rainbow sheep. IT WILL NEVER BE UNSEEN. Lol XD Also, the Trainquil Fairy Fox sounds amazing, and the Midnight Dragon sounds awesome. :D

        • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

          You wouldn’t believe how many LIONS I have seen in Webkinz World with GIRL names! The LION, mind you! Not the Lioness! Whether or not the pet has a mane doesn’t seen to make much of a difference. Maybe that’s why the Cloud Lion is wearing a dress…that and the fact that the pet is light purple.

          • FoxesRule612 says:

            Yeah! Like yesterday or something I saw a LION with a girl name! O.o what are people thinking?? LOL it’s funny, but unrealistic. Well, yes. Think about it, even the Rose Lion looks like a girl. Which….is weird.

          • WishieTails says:

            When I was little, I got the Love Lion and named her Angelina. Yeah…It SERIOUSLY looks like a girl, and I didn’t know that it was a male…XD

  6. WishieTails says:

    YAY! I love the Special Celebration theme! :D

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