Celebrate January with Garnets!

Online-only Birthstone Pets are known in Webkinz World for their extraordinary loyalty and stunning looks!


Garnet Rovers sure are friendly! One look at this sweet little pup and you’re sure to fall in love. With a great big heart and a gentle, caring personality, you know this puppy is the ideal pal for you!


Also available in the Birthstone series are delightful wings, elegant dresses, shiny shoes and glittering Gemsters. For each Birthstone month, there will be corresponding items offered.


You may find these Birthstone items and much more at eStore!


22 Responses to Celebrate January with Garnets!

  1. AuntietoEW says:

    Thank you for all the responses from players! That may help a little to have the newer version of signing up. I still want to see an article. First, the article shows the pictures and the names. The names help me to find the items. Second, this article stays in the newz permanently. The Kinzapedia was discontinued. I do look at the article after the current month. The January photo sheet will be deleted on February 1. Third, this article has been a monthly feature since January 2016. It is an article that many players read. Thanks for reading my suggestion. I hope the Ganz staff will take action. AuntietoEW

  2. readersrock2015 says:

    Can’t wait to see a sale for Deluxe Wednesday

  3. nicetigress says:

    My Birthstone!!

  4. AuntietoEW says:

    Could you please add an article for the January 2022 Peak-a-newz? It is fun to see what the prizes are. Thank you!

  5. KSC says:

    The colors are stunning! They’re not my birthstone, but I love garnets.

  6. bindigirl27 says:

    They are beautiful. I just wish we could wear the wings with the dresses. I have Sapphire and Ruby and wish so much I could wear the wings and dresses together. Any chance of that, please?

  7. obie987 says:

    Love the wings

  8. emster7 says:

    Oh I love these!

  9. mochidochi says:

    Those shoes are to die for!

  10. ojibwa says:

    Oh, those are so pretty! It would be great if there were Webkinz flowers of the month, wouldn’t it? This month is carnations and snowdrops!

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