Celebrate November with Topaz!

Online-only Birthstone Pets are known in Webkinz World for their extraordinary loyalty and stunning looks!


Bright orange like the leaves on an autumn tree, the Topaz Terrier is a brilliant addition to any Webkinz family. Kind and gentle, sweet and loving, you’re sure to fall in love with this dear dog.


Also available in the Birthstone series are delightful wings, elegant dresses, shiny shoes and glittering Gemsters. For each Birthstone month, there will be corresponding items offered.


You may find these Birthstone items and much more at eStore!


6 Responses to Celebrate November with Topaz!

  1. yami7 says:

    Topaz is my birthstone :-D

  2. snuggles565 says:

    november is my birthday month, so i really like that the food for this month is a strawberry torte, as i love strawberries irl. topaz is my birthstone but i dont like yeloow. but i love novemeber.

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Happy birthday @snuggles565!! I love strawberries too, and I also don’t like yellow. Try not to think about it as yellow, but rather harvest gold. It helps you look at it differently and see it in an exciting new way. I hope that you get all that you are wishing for!

  3. ojibwa says:

    Such a pretty color!

  4. harevister1 says:

    I believe this is one of the first Birthstone pets I got. November is not my birth month but I agree that the color matches the fall well.

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