Countdown to Black Friday starts Monday, November 23rd!

Wondering what these items are?
Join us at Ganz eStore starting Monday to find out!

You may find these items and more at Ganz eStore!


13 Responses to Countdown to Black Friday starts Monday, November 23rd!

  1. tarayvonne says:

    I’m really sad about the lack of past estore pets on sale. I had high hopes of getting some of the ones I missed when I was too busy to play webkinz. Most of the ones available during the sale I either already have or are ones I didn’t want.

  2. davinak says:

    Does anyone know why the items for sale in the eStore don’t stay on sale through the date that it says it is available to? For example, it is 12:26 am on 11-26-15 and the Fall bundles are no longer for sale, but according to the date they were supposed to be available until November 26, 2015. I thought that meant they would still be available all day today and at midnight would no longer be available. I am upset because there were a lot of items that I wanted to get from that sale and I was going to do it today.

  3. nmm033 says:

    every year they have 50% off deluxe memberships, why not this year?

  4. xHxHxAx says:

    Really hoping there will be a deal on eStore points! Most of my money is going towards MH dolls this year, but I would like to get a new Webkinz pet (or 2) and maybe some items for them.

  5. girlmeetsworldlover says:

    Sally_Webkinz, is the Ganz eStore holding a Cyber Monday sale too or just Friday??

  6. stuperstar says:

    Totes adorble!!! I am soo going to get that!! Also i a membership and i on Ganz eStore too!.

  7. MidnightFireflies17 says:

    Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so excited!!!! God Bless!

  8. MidnightFireflies17 says:

    awesome! will there be alot of pets on sale?

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