Create a Fun and Bright Bazaar!

May Special: Bright Bazaar ?? Box!
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


Transform your pet’s room into a marvelous marketplace with the wondrous Bright Bazaar ?? Box! You never know which prized possession will be found next.


Take a magical carpet ride on the terrific Bazaar Magic Carpet! If your pet is afraid of heights, they won’t have to worry — this carpet cruises at a low altitude!


The Fresh Figs from the Bright Bazaar Fruit Stand are a once-a-day deal! It’s sure to bring in lots of customers to your bustling bazaar!


The beautiful Bright Bazaar Basket Divider will help keep your busy bazaar more organized! Help section off each store to keep the shoppers from wandering though your wares!


Bring peace and tranquility to your Bright Bazaar with the fantastic flowing Bright Bazaar Fountain! The perfect centerpiece for an exotic shopping experience!


Setting up a few stunning sandstone Bright Bazaar Columns in your Bright Bazaar will give your scene a sense of grandeur! Great for both support and for shade!


When your weary shoppers are looking for a spot to rest their paws, have them take a seat on the beautiful Bright Bazaar Bench! They’ll soon be ready once again to shop until they drop!


You may find the Bright Bazaar ?? Box and other May Specials at eStore starting May 1, 2019!


Stay tuned to May’s Candy Tree and Kinz Cottage items – they’ll fit right into your Bright Bazaar too!



16 Responses to Create a Fun and Bright Bazaar!

  1. Traveller says:

    I just tried hunting for it in kinzpedia and it doesn’t even show up there. That’s disappointing. :-(

  2. duckess1 says:

    So where did the Bright Bazaar theme go??? Bought the wallpaper (which was so big you could not see the top of the wall, no sky) and floor. 7 boxes later I had the flying carpet, 2 fountains, 2 columns and 2 trio pots. Was there a message somewhere that it was going to disappear? What is the status?

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