Create a Magic Meadow for August!

August Special: Magic Meadow ?? Box!
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


Add a little magic to your next room design with something from the marvelous Magic Meadow ?? Box! You never know which dynamic decoration you’ll find inside next!


Your pet will marvel at the magical mini cakes dispensed daily by the Magic Meadow Patio Plant! It’s one delightful and decorative dispenser!


Your Magic Meadow will feel more mythical with the fantastic Magic Meadow Fountain! The cool cascading waters are a sensational sight to behold!


Your pet will always keep their cool while sitting submerged in the wonderful waters of the Magic Meadow Pond! The perfect place for them to ponder the implausible!


The solid stone Magic Meadow Bench is the perfect place for pets to sit in the Magic Meadow! Have them get together for a short spell!


The awesome overgrown Magic Meadow Column will make your Magic Meadow room look even more majestic! It’s a dynamic way to decorate!


The stone wall Magic Meadow Divider will look stunning in your Magic Meadow room design! It really adds a little ancient ambience!


You may find the Magic Meadow ?? Box and other August Specials at eStore starting August 1, 2021!



14 Responses to Create a Magic Meadow for August!

  1. hannah5banana says:

    I think the design of the mini cake from the patio pant is the best design I’ve seen in a mystery box. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to get one in the boxes I bought.

  2. Morninglight says:

    Beautiful theme

  3. Crantz says:

    I love that fountain! Can your pet sit inside that pond? How many items can appear after opening the box, only one?

  4. ILOVEWEBKINZ1234567892374 says:

    Hello webkinz I am very confused this morning I got a email with a code for something on webkinz I got a chocolate bat and it said congratulations Wacky has given you his bat Wacky Zingoz plush is now available what does that mean?

    • frozenanna2 says:

      I don’t know. I did that for me, too. I entered the code, and said the exact thing… ???? Does that mean we got a free Wacky Zingoz Plush????

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      The candy bats are an old prize – the message is probably just left over from an old event. I would really love to see the Wacky Plush come back as a wheel prize or in balloon darts – I can’t get enough of Wacky!

  5. 63Me says:

    All of these are lovely.

  6. Nickelcat says:

    What a beautiful theme!

  7. emster7 says:

    Oh shoot, I wish they weren’t mystery boxes. I never have good luck with those.

    • KarenaJ says:

      I have terrible luck on mystery boxes. The item I like the least is usually the item I get the most of, and the item I want the most is the item I never get. Sadly, I was never able to get the ginger ale barrel from the Pirate Cove one for example. But I have a ton of those fire pits. This theme has really cool items so I took a chance. Amazingly, I got my prized item, the fountain, which is gorgeous.

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      I really wish the individual items would be for sale by themselves instead of a mystery. Fortunately, duplicates are always pretty easy to trade.

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