Create a Marvelous Manor by the Sea this March!


March Special: Seaside Manor ?? Box
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


Your pet will be all set by the seaside with the perfect prize inside this bountiful box! It’s a fantastic way to fill your manor with marvelous things!


You may find the Seaside Manor ?? Box and other March Specials at eStore starting March 1, 2024!


20 Responses to Create a Marvelous Manor by the Sea this March!

  1. gadsfavs1 says:

    I bought so many boxes and still didn’t get a bed. I bet there’s a bed in only 1 in 100 boxes

  2. dottietree says:

    sorry i need to find the Prima Ballerina Trophy Case, does anyone know where it is. I also don’t go to the trading room, it is not a nice place to go!!!

  3. gospottgo says:

    I can understand everyone’s plight with the trading rooms and with trying to get that elusive random box item. There are some abrupt people in the trading rooms. But then, I have also met some truly wonderful, caring people in there as well. And as far as the randomness of getting certain box box items goes, I try to remind myself that Ganz is a business and the items aren’t real anyway. And then I steam as I grumble, “Dagnabbit! Dagnabbit!” :P

  4. duckess1 says:

    When they started selling boxes instead of buying the room pieces that you want or need I only buy rooms that can be furnished with items you can see. I’m sad that I’m missing so many nice items but the cost is too much!

  5. leaveitnow41s says:

    I find that the Next trading isn’t as fair as one would expect. For example I always end up with a less than when someone wants one of my psis. Like the unicorn bed. I let them have it because makes them happy but then I’m stuck with crap.

  6. leaveitnow41s says:

    had to buy 20 boxes but I finally got the bed!

  7. Strawberrykinz72 says:

    I hope I didn’t sound rude, what I meant by I don’t have patience is… the people who want to show me the item I am looking for only to make it impossible to trade and rudely leave the trading table without so much as a “no thank you” or “sorry that won’t work for me.” I have patience with people looking for their items to trade.

  8. iplaybassclarinet2 says:

    I love the items, but once again….I bought 16 boxes and got no bed. I’m quite set with 8 rugs though. Ugh. Please reconsider how boxes are done. We spend our heard earned money to enjoy this game and when you buy the 10x boxes all at once, perhaps you should be guaranteed at least one of each item that’s offered. Above that (or even under that), it can be whatever. Just a thought. It’s SUPER frustrating to many of us.

    • Strawberrykinz72 says:

      I totally understand your frustration. I can’t afford to purchase so many boxes in hopes of getting the set or an item that I really want. I also don’t have the time and patience to go to the trading room, when frankly, most people are in there looking for the same hard to find item from a Mystery Box. Hopefully someday we will be able to purchase a different way.

      • iplaybassclarinet2 says:

        I find people in the trading room to be kind of rude these days. Always trying to cheat you out of something, or not being patient. It’s a waste of time. I agree, hopefully they will change things so this will stop happening. I honestly think they’d sell more boxes if they make a guarantee that if you buy 10 with that discount, you get at least one of every item. I don’t know….I just hope they listen to the customers and perhaps tweak the whole box thing.

    • alucard says:

      I love buying the various boxes, especially since the items can be traded or sent in KinzPost for my Webkinz Friends. (I don’t go to the Trading Room in the Club House for the very reasons that other players have mentioned. It’s stressful. Not fun. And you can easily get cheated.) I also agree that I don’t like the unfairness of how the prizes are given when you buy 10 or more of the boxes. When you spend a lot of eStore Points for a “discount”, then you don’t get at least one of each of the prizes that come with the boxes, it’s so frustrating, and unfair. If there are usually 6 prizes, and you buy 10 boxes, you should be guaranteed to get ALL 6 prizes, plus 4 random prizes. We are spending so much REAL money on eStore Points, pets, and various other items, that it shouldn’t be a major problem getting what we pay for. I would buy more ePoints if ALL the items were made to be traded or sent through KinzPost. These are VIRTUAL items we are spending money on! We will never touch them or hold them in our hands. So, if we have to have this “random” issue with the boxes, at least make it fair that we are guaranteed at least one of each of the prizes when you buy 10 boxes.

      • dawnshome says:

        I agree, it’s like gambling with our money

        • kalcan8 says:

          Now, you are getting to the heart of the matter. Some of us just don’t have the disposable income to “gamble” with our limited earmarked funds. I get that it is probably a big moneymaker for Ganz, but there are probably a lot more of us little people who would be thrilled to just buy an item outright, and get exactly the item that we wanted. Congrats to the small percentage at the top who get to enjoy this luxury, guilt-free! May you beat the odds and get exactly the pieces that you are looking for!

    • NanaZaza says:

      iplaybassclarinet2, that’s why I rarely buy boxes anymore. I agree with you: there should be an algorithm that ensures a valued member gets desirable items. BTW, I play 12-string guitar. Keep on making music!

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