Cyber Monday is NOW ON at the eStore!

If you love a good discount on eStore Points then today is the perfect time to take advantage of a rare sale! How about 50% savings on 60,000 eStore Points or more with a Promo Code?! One Day Only on November 27, 2023. Click Here for more details.



The 2023 Holiday Gift Stockings are available at Ganz eStore too!




One look at the Green Snowy Puppy will have all your friends feeling entirely envious! This adorable dog loves to be at the center of social gatherings, so before the party, get them ready with a sensational soak inside their Green Snowy Bath! Socializing is also an excellent opportunity for some sweet snacks, and this popular pup loves sipping on a Holiday Smoothie Bowl!



AND… you can also save on 2022′s Crackers and Stockings!



You may find these items and more at Ganz eStore!


11 Responses to Cyber Monday is NOW ON at the eStore!

  1. bubbac4 says:

    Why can’t we by Next Pets and Next Diamonds using e-store points? My parents won’t let me purchase on Next because you have to go through some sort of paid thing, they just can’t buy like e-store points. Makes me sad. Please reply

    • sally says:

      Micro transactions through the Next games have to go through the app store as part of their platform agreement. Webkinz Classic is independently published so doesn’t have the same restrictions.

  2. NED1998 says:

    Kind of bummed you didn’t put all the pets in Next on sale for cyber Monday this year like you did last year,

  3. Mummabean says:

    Maybe next year diamonds could be included in cyber Monday (like the estore points)? Sally, do you think diamonds will be discounted anytime in future? Boxing day?

  4. 100dogs says:

    I have asked before when the vampire kitten will go away but no reply yet.

  5. 100dogs says:

    I wish there was a early post saying that the vampire kitten in next would be on sale today. I got mine a while ago for 150. Someone else got it a few days ago for 150 and now it 120 . I really wish there was a post saying it would be on sale :(

    • Ajoy65 says:

      Same here. I bought mine before the end of October because I thought it was going to go away with the rest of the Halloween items. It would have been nice to save the 30 diamonds to put towards a baby spark. Oh well, c’est la vie! Ajoy65 :)

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