Deck the Halls in Ju-ly! Fa-La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La

  Missed your fave Christmas items and pets last year? Visit Ganz eStore during Christmas in July and see what we have available – all at great prices! July 14-17, 2023

Check out these two new items too!

Your pet will have lots of festive fun driving around Kinzville in this awesome Merry Mistletoe Ornament Car! Their Christmas spirit is sure to shine through!



This awesome Merry Mistletoe Ornament Chair will give your pet somewhere delightfully decorative to sit! A good measure of mistletoe is sure to add some extra merriment!


You can find these Christmas in July items and more at eStore!

16 Responses to Deck the Halls in Ju-ly! Fa-La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La

  1. wildchild07961 says:

    I lots of webkinz newz points and after they updated webkinz newz nothing works the same now all my points r gone I cannot log onto my newz login where all my points are please fix it back before the update this is just annoying

  2. r49pq7l says:

    All of my points disappeared on two accounts. I had 200,000 on one and 100,000 on another………..

  3. duckess1 says:

    After all these years (15 for me) I have never seen so many problems and there seems to be no help or responses to let us know why. Very close to letting all my accounts go, but I have so much stuff to lose. Please help all of us!

  4. guineapigluver says:

    I lost all my points and sent an email, no response yet.

  5. Sara says:

    is anyone else having issues with ganz world accts?

  6. mfaull says:

    Off topic – sorry. Anyone having trouble with Newz loading? It seems to take longer and longer everyday.

    • mmroth says:

      Yes, I reported it. They told me to unload the app and reload it to make the app work better???? Obviously, they didn’t read that I was talking about Webkinz news. Go figure.

      • DragonIsles says:

        I have my newz money and can get in, but the peek a newz and food/marshmallows are also having all sorts of issues once you get that far too. Whatever was “fixed” has broken so many more things. And the new log in platform is horrible and what is with all the new website prefixes or what ever that is?!! Fix it back. Fix it all back. jeez.

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