Deluxe Wednesdays: November 2023

Deluxe Wednesdays
feature something different each week; sometimes it could be a free item, sometimes a sale on a category of items or pets. Maybe even a spend your Points event or a Pre-sale on specified pets or items before they become available to everyone else!


Check back Wednesdays! No matter the week, you’ll always find something different!


Here’s November’s lineup:


You may find Deluxe Wednesdays each week at Ganz eStore!


11 Responses to Deluxe Wednesdays: November 2023

  1. marnabear1 says:

    How lucky to be deluxe today and able to buy the bobtail kitten a whole two days early. Not feeling lucky.

  2. idaho10 says:

    I love my new coat, thanks

  3. marnabear1 says:

    Deluxe Wednesdays used to offer something special not available to everyone. Now it has been repeats of previous giveaways or the ability to buy something early. It is disappointing for people who have been deluxe since the start.

  4. KSC says:

    Thank you for the coat! This is my second one and it looks beautiful on my pets. I’d like one irl!

  5. megamom12 says:

    Dog gone it! I forgot to pick this up after work last night!

  6. freedom2021 says:

    Nice! I love Deluxe Wednesdays!

  7. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Cute!! Still dunno why we gotta do 2 different crackers though, although it is helpful for getting specifics since it’s like gambling but at least make them cheaper..

  8. fancyduck58 says:

    Thank you for the Countryside Christmas Coat- it’s really cute! :)

    • kalcan8 says:

      Thanks for the heads up that it was a free item giveaway, @fancyduck58! I didn’t get that from the article above and thought it was just a sale on the countryside Christmas coat. “Free” does more to get me in the door of the eStore. LOL! It worked and I spent some points. *note to the Ganz marketing team!*

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