Deluxe Wednesdays: September 2023

Deluxe Wednesdays
feature something different each week; sometimes it could be a free item, sometimes a sale on a category of items or pets. Maybe even a spend your Points event or a Pre-sale on specified pets or items before they become available to everyone else!


Check back Wednesdays! No matter the week, you’ll always find something different!


Here’s September’s lineup:


You may find Deluxe Wednesdays each week at Ganz eStore!


4 Responses to Deluxe Wednesdays: September 2023

  1. rlla14 says:

    Wow, the Deluxe Wednesday page at the Estore is messed up today. The trios aren’t grouped together, some pets appear multiple times, and the prices on them are different by a penny. $8 vs. $7.99. Some are labeled “USD,” some aren’t. It throws a shopper off, that’s for sure.

  2. AUNT09 says:

    On the Estore September calendar it says pre-sale for the Lil purple, orange, green weremonsters pets . I can’t find them at the Estore ? Ty

  3. thebluestar2126 says:

    My webkinz Next isn’t working (windows PC), every time I open it I get the box saying ‘check back after 11:30am KT/ET’. I tried manually going into the windows store and updating it but even after the update downloaded it still won’t let me log in. I also tried going into the app settings and choosing ‘clear cache’ but clicking yes doesn’t cause anything to happen beyond the entire app locking up – I can click yes & no an infinite number of times and nothing at all happens. The issue continues to occur even after restarting my computer.

  4. alucard says:

    I have a question about the Fall Harvest page, in the eStore, that shows “Pumpkins!”. There is a picture of a Pumpkin Snowman, but it is not shown in that shopping section! I wanted to get that for an all pumpkin decor room I am making. Why show the picture if it’s not going to be available for sale? Is there any where I can get this Pumpkin Snowman? I am loving all the new Fall Harvest items in the eStore. Just wish we had more, or even older items no longs available! Bring them back! Please!

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