Deluxe Wednesdays this March!

Deluxe Wednesdays
feature something different each week; sometimes it could be a free item, sometimes a sale on a category of items or pets. Maybe even a spend your Points event or a Pre-sale on specified pets or items before they become available to everyone else!


Check back Wednesdays! No matter the week, you’ll always find something different!


Here’s March’s lineup:


You may find Deluxe Wednesdays each week at Ganz eStore!


14 Responses to Deluxe Wednesdays this March!

  1. moonkey1115 says:

    How do you get the free clothing? is it only with a purchase? When I click on them it takes me to some other page and theres no way to add them to my cart

  2. JulietLorelei says:

    ohhh i LOVE fairy-themed clothing!!!

  3. ringneck1 says:

    Why are they all clothing based?

  4. emster7 says:

    That little blue lamb is so sweet!

  5. purplepot1 says:

    Also the deluxe shower from this month? It’s sooo cute

  6. purplepot1 says:

    I missed that cute bed from the February peek-a-newz :( If anyone has a spare, would you mind sending it? (purplepot) Thank you!

  7. mirforbjs says:

    Yay! I missed those vine glasses and shoes last time. Thank you!! :D

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