Design with Tulips this May!

May Special: Tulip ?? Box!
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


Start off your room design with a surprise when you open the marvelous Tulip ?? Box containing a random tulip-themed decoration! It’s full of fun and floral ideas!


Add a beautiful burst of color to your pet’s room with the pretty potted Tulip Patio Plant! It also delivers a delicious daily Tulip Petal Canape!


The wondrous Tulip Wardrobe is a fantastic furnishing that can store your pet’s finest fashions! Just the thing for any blossoming designer!


The gorgeous glass design of the dynamic Tulip Stained Glass Divider is a designer’s delight! It’s a colorful way to give any room a sensational sense of space!


The terrific Tulip Patio Tile will help create a bold base for any outdoor patio! Make your pet’s outdoor space functionally fantastic!


The soft pink petals of the charming Tulip Chair are incredibly comfortable! Your pet will adore sitting in such a sensational seat!


Light up your room décor with this fantastic Tulip Light fixture! It’s sure to brighten up any design!


You may find the Tulip ?? Box and other May Specials at eStore starting May 1, 2020!



15 Responses to Design with Tulips this May!

  1. nb13460 says:

    The Tulip Tub in the WShop fits this theme perfectly! Maybe it was inspiration for it?

  2. zoomycat says:

    What about the rain boots full of flowers room divider (I assume that’s what it is)? Will that be regular estore or is it in a tulip box? That’s my favorite thing shown, along with the patio plant.

  3. ojibwa says:

    I got the patio tile and a room divider! Love them both!

  4. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I love this theme & wish that I could get it. Pittiesrule

  5. alucard says:

    Wow! How nice that all the items are tradeable and sellable. Wish ALL items in Webkinz World could be tradeable and sellable!! It would make players so much happier in Webkinz World.

  6. ianinlyheahruja says:

    Holy carp! This looks great! I wish I could buy the furniture.

  7. dwtsfan says:

    love the color

  8. cutieaccount says:

    Ganz what is that beautiful Tulip Tower/Cottage the pet is sitting in and how can we buy that? That is a MUST HAVE!! Well done on another beautiful theme.

  9. grace51401 says:

    So cool!

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