Don’t Miss the Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub!

Tomorrow is Black Friday and we’re featuring an exclusive virtual pet that is available from November 26-28, 2021 only!


Each day will feel more refreshing than the last with the young Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub in your family of Webkinz pets! This cute and colorful cub will need a place to stay that’s as sweet as they are, so a Peppermint Carnation Cottage should certainly fit the bill! Not surprisingly, such a sweet pet also happens to have quite the sweet tooth, so at snack time, treat them to their favorite food: a plate of Peppermint Macarons!


Available on and in the W-Shop, the sale price for this spectacular pet is 12,500 eStore Points and Deluxe users can get it for 10,000 eStore Points.


With all the great Black Friday deals being offered, there are so many reasons to visit Ganz eStore this weekend – plus it’s your only chance to own this special pet!


37 Responses to Don’t Miss the Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub!

  1. frozenanna2 says:

    I LOVE HER!!! :0

  2. caseyshoddy58 says:

    I saw this adorable pet as soon as I logged into the eStore and couldn’t resist. My pet is named Peppermint and she is very feisty. This pet is a must have.

  3. Dolan says:

    I’m so happy that I bought the Peppermint Carnation bed on sale a while ago! I’m really looking forward to adopting this pet.

  4. ChaseGamerDude says:

    I’m not a big fan of the new lion cub design, but I hope everyone enjoys theirs. =) Maybe next year we’ll get a Signature Rattlesnake or a Signature Turkey plush for classic as a special treat.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The first generation of plush were discontinued, and Signatures were discontinued well before that, so it’s not very likely.

      • glamor414 says:

        Terrible decision, you guys should bring back classic plush. They’re better than Next.

        • ChaseGamerDude says:

          I so totally agree. They would make so much more money if they did. The Next plush are literal bigger versions of the Ty Beanie Babies, and if I wanted one, I’d buy one. Webkinz used to lead the trend of plush pets, but now they’re following the trend. Also, for the whole eStore Sophie’s Rewards thing with the “Signatures”, I think if you’re going to seriously spend 2,000 USD (to get those Signatures), they should be a plush Signature. You can literally buy older Signatures with that sort of money. I don’t like how big the virtual pets are on next and how big their eyes are, but I do appreciate the cat.

          • glamor414 says:

            I feel the same way! The cat is the only Next plush I like and will buy. I agree though, and I feel like not many people even like Next. Ganz needs to listen to its consumers more.

          • ChaseGamerDude says:

            Definitely. So many people claim they’re “listening” to consumers/listeners/buyers, but they’re really not. Also, add me on Webkinz @ArcaninePlusEevee. There’s a reason why all of the original plush were sold out fast when they were made.

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            The original plush did not sell out immediately. The lack of sales for Signatures at the time was one of the reasons it was discontinued.

          • ChaseGamerDude says:

            Hmm ok. It’s just that they’re really big on demand nkw. Also, there are people who don’t buy virtual only pets because they want the plush pets.

  5. catloverdoglover says:

    Amazingly adorable pet! Today I got the unicorn for Next from my parents! I am so happy! Thanks for all the pets Webkinz/Ganz makes! You bless so many children when they are either sad, angry, or even happy! Whenever I log onto my Webkinz accounts it just make me happy after school, or anytime! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks again Webkinz/GANZ!

  6. flyinghorse3 says:

    Hey everyone! Wow, I have not gone on webkinz in a long time. Anyways I just went on and I have no food. So, if anybody has some extra food pls send me some. My user is flyinghorse3. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  7. KarenaJ says:

    I saw points were on sale today, does that mean point packages will NOT be available tomorrow?

    • Dolan says:

      I don’t think e-store points will be on sale (although still available) for the Black Friday sale. In previous years, they have been on sale on Cyber Monday, usually at quite a discount.

  8. megamom12 says:

    Tomorrow!!!! The long wait is over tomorrow! Oh, I have to come up with some names!!!

    • ChaseGamerDude says:

      Try(assuming it’s a girl because it’s pink): Carnation, Peppermint, Azaela Rose, Winter Sunset, Cherry Frost, Wintermint, and I’m all out of ideas. =P Happy naming!

      • frozenanna2 says:

        Lizzy, Lisa, Lilly, Lotus

      • megamom12 says:

        Oh, there are a couple of really nice ones in there! Wintermint I think that I would use for a green mint pet, but it’s a good one. My daughter already has a Patty Mint…Azealia though….I really like that one….Winter Sunset is lovely, but I see that one for an orange/red/gold kind of pet. Cherry Frost though….I think that I have a Cherry Soda pup around somewhere that needs a name and that one might be a winner.

  9. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Lol must. have….. :D

  10. ojibwa says:

    So cute! I love the flowers and the cute green nose!

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