eStore FREE Christmas Day Giveaway

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Ganz eStore!

Even if your pet isn’t a snowman, they’ll think that wearing this terrific top hat is really cool! It’s sure to make any pet feel lively!


For a FREE Sweet Snowman Hat, log in to your Ganz eStore account December 25, 2018, add the SWEET SNOWMAN HAT to your cart and complete the checkout process.


Product availability for FREE Sweet Snowman Hat runs from 12:01am to 11:59pm December 25, 2018 (EST). Promotion is available to all Ganz eStore Customers and is limited to one FREE Sweet Snowman Hat per Ganz eStore Account. Requires an active Ganz eStore account. Ask your parents for assistance.


You may find this item and much more at eStore!

11 Responses to eStore FREE Christmas Day Giveaway

  1. Amypat19 says:

    thanks alot – love it. thanks for all you do for us.

  2. bubbashuka says:

    Wow, omg thank you!!

  3. LovesStaffordshires says:

    What a cute hat. Pittiesrule

  4. zootzoot says:

    So cute! Thank you.

  5. harevister1 says:

    Thank You GANZ for all that you have to offer. I love the clothing items, and this lovely hat will be the perfect addition to my pets winter attire. I’m really excited to find out about all the surprises Sophie will have in store for being the new Mayor of Kinzville. I’m so grateful for the new year and gifts she will bring. :)

  6. bonesbongo says:

    I will log in for sure Christmas Day, I don’t want to miss out getting the Sweet Snowman Hat. eStore it is so generous of you to have this FREE Christmas Day Giveaway it is so greatly appreciated. :}

    • WebkinzFanCEG says:

      Another thing that is great about eStore is the free codes that are sometimes hidden there. Sometimes they award us with really cool items and I hope I don’t miss any more of them. I know for awhile I wasn’t really aware of the hidden codes, and hopefully I didn’t miss out on too much.

  7. WebkinzFanCEG says:

    I hope the free eStore gifts from the mayor each month that start in January are not all clothing items. Even small decorative items are better than all clothes.

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