Feel the chill this January with the Icy North theme!


January Special: Icy North ?? Box
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


Decorate your pet’s room with the frosty furniture found inside this marvelous mystery box! It’s the coolest way to decorate!


You may find the Icy North ?? Box and other January Specials at eStore starting January 1, 2024!



22 Responses to Feel the chill this January with the Icy North theme!

  1. blessedx5 says:

    As pretty as they are, the walls and floor just don’t seem to go together for me.

  2. FoxesRule612 says:

    Ohohoho!!! I LOVE this theme!!! I collect winter items too….

  3. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    So so beautiful <3

  4. KarenaJ says:

    I love this flooring!

  5. iplaybassclarinet2 says:

    I don’t get it….I buy a ton of boxes and get no bed, no curtains and no rug. Why is it ALWAYS so difficult to get any of the bigger furniture items with these boxes. What are we to do with 4 hampers, 2 lamps and a million beanbags? I’d love to believe they are random but sometimes I just don’t believe it. Takes at least 10-15 boxes minimum to MAYBE get one of everything. Feels wrong to me. I wish boxes were just for the smaller extra items. Makes completing themes so costly and difficult. It’s not fun anymore.

    • blcmom says:

      I got 3 windows..

    • FoxesRule612 says:

      Have you tried trading some of the items? Thankfully these are tradeable! Or at least they should be…last I checked most mystery box items you could trade.

      • roachiesmom1 says:

        We shouldn’t have to. I almost feel like they should have never ever started this trade room stuff, because that’s what people are told all the time now. Can’t get something, well just go trade for it. Some people can’t do it. You may feel that can’t be true, but still, it is, for whatever their reasons. But that aside, no, the distribution system with mystery boxes needs to be much better, or the boxes should open with a pop up choice selection like the bed boxes and POtM bags. I guess I can see where the trading room can be fun and exciting for some people, and advantageous, but no, some things definitely should distribute better. I say the same about this concept of ‘rare’ pet buddies, where you can enter all the codes for a promotion and find your account with ALL of the same ‘common’ buddy — and those can’t be traded, you have no possibility of the other buddies in the group once all your codes are entered. Also, iplaybassclarinet2, sadly you answered your own question there — if it takes 10-15 boxes to almost get anywhere with a mystery theme, it means the baseline is people are expected to buy at least 10-15 or more boxes, and yet the way it is, even then people have to walk away disheartened. Gah.

      • iplaybassclarinet2 says:

        Would you trade a small lamp or hamper for a big bed? I doubt it. No one wants that trade to be honest. I’ve tried in the past and can NEVER get anyone to trade for the ‘good stuff’ in the boxes. It just makes me sad that people pay a lot of money for things here, only to get multiples of the same thing they can’t use. It goes for untradeable items too…what’s the point of that? My dock gets so full of items I can’t get rid of…I don’t need a boatload of each thing. You can always use or trade beds, windows, rugs etc. but lamps, and hampers and other smaller items in those boxes that they give in multiples are worthless. It just seems like they do this to get more money….I mean, everything here is virtual….and they’re making a fortune by allowing this to happen. Why not at least create a box for smaller items and one for larger items so you can get your money’s worth at least….or just for smaller items and let us pay for larger items like we do with the wallpaper and flooring.

  6. pittiesrule says:

    I LOVE the theme.

  7. cardmaker22 says:

    I was not awarded my 3 daily dice in the Spree game. Does anyone else have this problem? Do I need to send an email to support? Thanks!

  8. ferretfuzzbut says:

    I don’t know where to post this but is there any storage container in classic that can store windows and wall decorations?

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