Get Ready to Celebrate Webkinz Day with the Rainbow Crochet Square Dress!


Your pet will look cute in this rainbow of crocheted colors! It’s a delightful dress that’s sure to impress!


You may find this Webkinz Day item and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!


16 Responses to Get Ready to Celebrate Webkinz Day with the Rainbow Crochet Square Dress!

  1. hayhereskay says:

    Does anyone know what pet that grey cat is? It looks just like my cat irl!

  2. claudiafife says:

    so adorable i wonder if i could make this for my pet in real life!

  3. kalcan8 says:

    So cute! My Nana used to make floral crochet squares and turn them into afghans. Thanks for the nostalgia! I really like the purple heels and the adorable butterfly hair clip.

  4. manxkat says:

    I used to make these squares with my grandmother. We made afghans from them! Love the dress!

  5. ccutshaw says:

    Does anyone know the new clothes recipe? I’d be very thankful if you sent them to me!! ccutshaw

  6. megamom12 says:

    I’m sitting here wondering if I can make granny squares this small. Perhaps if I use the thin cotton yarn, or…..

  7. carr1311 says:

    This is a really cute dress. Although I would like to see distinction that it’s a crochet dress, and not a patchwork dress ( which is still really cute! )

  8. FoxesRule612 says:

    LOVE this dress!!! I’ll have to see if I can pick one up!

  9. bubbac4 says:

    What about something for our boy pets?

    • kalcan8 says:

      I’m thinking that I would like to see a really well-cut DIY suit that we can customize in a variety of colors/patterns at the Clothing Machine. If we could use the rainbow DIY dye from past events, that would be one colorful suit! Then the boy pets could get in on the festive mood too! I’m so excited for our WW anniversary!

    • dixiecup says:

      On the wheel of Wow they have a retro Rainbow Leisure suit that you can win.

  10. InTheGarden2010 says:

    Omg the bohoness!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVEEE this dress!!!

    • kalcan8 says:

      I’d wear this if I could get it in just cool colors (not a warm palate girl), and as a top as I prefer that over dresses. As a print on lovely crinkle gauzy fabric, this would be a fabulous warm weather wardrobe piece. Boho is my vibe…

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