Hotel Theme Mix N Match


The new Hotel Theme is a great way to show off some of your special items! There are so many ways you can design with this theme and Webkinz players have been sending us tons of pictures of their cool new rooms!


Here are some rooms we created using the Hotel Theme and some fun items you can get at the eStore. What a super way to enhance your Hotel design!


This Hotel Party Room has been all set up for an upcoming event!



In this room you will find items from the eStore After Party Room Theme, Special Celebration Room Theme, the Five Star Waiter Shirt & Pants and some cool wall décor too!


This Hotel Room Suite is ready for its next special guest!



In this room you will find items from the eStore Blue Avenue Theme, Aqua Blue Theme, the Waiter’s Tray, the Fine Dining Place Setting, the Lovely Iridescent Toilet and the chandelier from the Special Celebration Room Theme!


The VIP Lounge for this Hotel is now open! Who will be the first to arrive?



In this room you will find items from the eStore Deluxe Golden Suite, as well as the Aqua Blue Rug, Pond with Fountain (one of the first eStore items!), the Special Celebration Dessert Table (it’s a dispenser!), the Goo-Goo Berry Planter (also a dispenser!), the Grand Estate Planter and the picture on the wall – the Mona Ducka!


Check out the Ganz eStore for lots of cool items to enhance your Hotel Room Designs!


46 Responses to Hotel Theme Mix N Match

  1. Lydia19of13 says:

    super cool rooms!

  2. tnam13 says:

    I love these rooms! My pets would especially like to spend a posh week vacation in the second room.

  3. cmsrockz1 says:

    Where are the curtains and the stacked luggage? CMSROCKZ

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