Start the day filled with Oddities… MAGICAL ODDITIES!

Say Hello to a NEW KIND OF eStore BUNDLE!

Jam packed with all kinds of cool eStore and Webkinz items, some rare and hard to find, this Magical Oddities bundle is perfect for any Pet that loves all things Magical!


The Magical Oddities bundle contains all these fabulous items:


There will also be a Magical Oddities mini bundle that contains almost the same great assortment of items as pictured – just without the items that have stars beside their names.


Visit Ganz eStore starting January 30th to February 8th, 2015 for more details on this bundle.


You may find a new weekly bundle special each week at Ganz eStore!


24 Responses to Start the day filled with Oddities… MAGICAL ODDITIES!

  1. princesspuppy3 says:

    I have the summer wings, the dragon egg music box, the pixie dust pouch, the enchanted tiara, the butterfly fairy dress, and the butterfly fairy sandals..

  2. heidivike says:

    i have the good vs bad fairy fountian. click on it and it is amazing..

  3. tinygma says:

    I have 2 of the GOOD vs BAD FAIRY FOUNTAINS !!! I got them in WEBKINZ FRIENDS . There is an electric type ORB that starts when this is touched . I have them in warr yards good vs bad the 2d is in a peace yard . Where they come together and make friends ;) . This is large and very nice !!

    • prprprprp says:

      You’re lucky! I’ve been trying to find one of those good vs bad fairy fountains for AGES (if seems, lol) and once I almost traded for one, but then the person quit, saying they had to go, and I never saw them again, and no on ever offered me one again. :( I’m still hopeful though! :) Were they given away when they were having that Alyssa vs. Nafaria type thing in Webkinz Friendz? I think so right? :)

  4. sprinkles505 says:

    Out of that I have, starlight robe, starlight sandals, starlight wreath, princess cloak, butterfly fairy dress, butterfly fairy shoes pixie dust pouch enchanted tiara, fancy forest dress, blooming coffee table, dragon egg music box, and the fall wings. I also think I have the pirate sheath.

  5. 30064gEB says:

    I have the starlight sandals and enchanted tiara

  6. DworkinBarimen says:

    I just wonder how much this is going to cost… something tells me it’s going to be very expensive for a bunch of pixels

  7. rainbowkittenluver says:

    These items look awesome! :) I remember seeing a few of these back sometime last year or the year before though, but oh well ;)

  8. rippy6 says:

    The starlight items look so cool! I wonder how many estore points it will be, and if it is like the seasonal stockings, only giving you a couple of the items.

  9. 1webby says:

    love this….wondering if instead of e-points they’ll ask for cash like they do on some of the other expensive bundles.

  10. Bwfuzzycat228 says:

    i like the wings… super cute! Hey if any of u know me from webkinz world… I’m BWFuzzycat, please post me a reply!!!!! —BWFuzzycat228—

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