Make your Kitchen Stylish!

June Special: Stylish Kitchen ?? Box!
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


Renovate your kitchen into something stylish using the themed items inside the marvelous Stylish Kitchen ?? Box! Your never know which cool @Webkinz piece you’ll add to your collection!


You may find the Stylish Kitchen ?? Box and other June Specials at eStore starting June 1, 2022!



10 Responses to Make your Kitchen Stylish!

  1. agent4399 says:

    How can I restore my estore account and regular account only been playing on my iPad .please help I have lost a lot of estore points and can not go deluxe.thank u

  2. gingergenie2 says:

    Love this theme. Would love to have those windows. I didn’t see them in the eStore. Are they part of a different theme? I know the chairs and sofa are from a Christmas theme.

  3. Beckinz8 says:

    *heart eyes emoji*

  4. bashops2 says:

    Not sure I like the furnishings, but I really like the wallpaper and flooring!

  5. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I would love to get this theme. Pittiesrule

  6. emster7 says:

    Love all of these!

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