Make your Pond more Enchanting!

Have your pet ponder all of life’s most magical mysteries atop the Enchanted  Pond Chair! It’s the perfect place to perch your pet!


Serve a magical meal or whip up the perfect potion atop the terrific Enchanted Pond Table! It’s a very versatile work-space that your pet will appreciate!


You may find these items and more at eStore!


7 Responses to Make your Pond more Enchanting!

  1. Pattyjo says:

    I love this theme.

  2. FennecFox says:

    Gosh, this is gorgeous! :)

  3. RainbowDash20PercentCoole says:

    How ecsquisite! Or however you spell Es qwi zit.

  4. resolution22 says:

    That estore theme is soooo pretty! But I still like the blue avenue theme best. The aqua color of the blue avenue theme is my favorite color, so it is my all time favorite room theme.

  5. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Whoa, nice! Heheh, I just noticed that the chairs and table have frog feet XD

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