NEW Fan’s Choice item: Cake Trampoline





As inspired BY YOU!
Cake Trampoline!



Is it someone’s birthday? Bounce for joy on the cool Cake Trampoline! How high can your pet fly? Pair it with the matching Cake Booth for a total party!








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17 Responses to NEW Fan’s Choice item: Cake Trampoline

  1. IDoNotHateThee says:

    Today is my pet’s birthday. Do I get one for free?

  2. squandoo says:

    Wait how can you vote well like do a fan’s choice thing?

  3. squandoo says:

    It looks so cool! And I just happen to notice almost every pet in the picture is wearing a wig, and wigs are new too! LOL

  4. kailaramirez says:

    I really wish I had it?

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