NEW Fan’s Choice item: Kinzville Spelling Bee

As inspired BY YOU!
Kinzville Spelling Bee Stage!


Gather your Webkinz Pets and challenge them to a pretend spelling bee! Good spelling is a great way to keep little minds sharp!


Pair it with the matching School Whiteboard for a scholarly look!
If your pet isn’t listening in class, have them write some lines on the School Whiteboard! It won’t be too punishing though—since the lines write themselves!


You may find a new Fan’s Choice item each month at eStore!





17 Responses to NEW Fan’s Choice item: Kinzville Spelling Bee

  1. CountryKinz17 says:

    That stage is bomb bastic!

  2. 082003m says:

    how do they pick the fan choice? Do we vote?

  3. iloveblue says:

    cool. I wish they didn’t cost estore points though. I only have 750 ;[

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